What makes a balanced diet typically?

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For lunch/dinner, it would be best to incorporate 4 food groups. See the table below and mix and match to ensure a well balanced lunch meal:
Chapatis/Phulkas/rotis (made from whole wheat atta) Start with salad – a combination of raw vegetables Dal – moong, toor Raita – add vegetables, salt, sugar
Brown rice Palak Chowla (black-eyed peas) Chaas
Whole wheat bread Methi Rajma (kidney beans) Plain lassi – can add rock salt if feeling gaseous
Jowar chapatis/rotis Carrots, cucumbers, lettuce (in sandwich) Chole (Chickpeas beans) Hung curd for salad dressing
Methi/palak rotis Green beans Low fat paneer – made from cow’s milk or double toned milk
Ajwain rotis Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini – in a stir fry, or steamed and added to salads Moong sprouts (cooked)
Mutter Waal (White beans)
Aloo/potato Chicken/fish – grilled, tandoori, steamed, pan fried in little oil
Corn Eggs – cooked through

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