How to settle a crying baby

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If your baby is showing tired signs:
  • Clenched fists or
  • Jerking movements of the arms, legs or head
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Scratching eyes or face
  • Grimacing, Yawning
  • Crying or grizzling
It is time to put them to sleep! It is important that you start to introduce a bedtime routine that you use for all your baby's sleeps. Your baby will start to recognize your sleep cues.
  • Ensure your baby is not hungry, has a clean nappy and start your going to bed routine.
  • Give your baby a bath. Move your baby through the water up and down, from the top to the bottom of the bath, this helps them relax.
  • Pat baby dry and give a gentle massage with some sorbolene cream
  • Have a quiet wind down, like gently singing lullabyís or reading a story
  • Wrap your baby in a Love To Swaddle UP in just three easy steps
  • Give her a cuddle and tell her you love her
  • Pop baby into bed (at the foot of the bed of course!)
  • Tuck baby in snugly with a top sheet that you wrap under the mattress, this helps baby feel safe and secure and helps stop loose bedding riding up over baby's face.
  • Say good night and leave the room.
What to do if your baby is crying If you know your baby is tired and needs some help going off to sleep:
  • Walk back into the room and repeat, "It is sleep time baby. Night night". Put your hand on your baby and calm her down. Some babies like patting (on their bottom or chest) and some prefer rocking or rolling gently on the mattress. Some babies like being gently stroked between their eyes.
  • Talk reassuringly to your baby to let her know you are with her.
  • When your baby is swaddled in a Love To Swaddle UP it is easy to settle her by placing her on her side,as her arm is not in the way of her lying comfortably. Pop your hand securely on her shoulder and pat her bottom firmly in a rhythm similar to your heartbeat. This rhythm is familiar to the baby from being in the womb and listing to your heartbeat.
  • Pat until the baby calms down. The idea is to calm the baby down but not pat her off to sleep. You are trying to teach the baby to go to sleep by herself.
  • If you have been patting for a while and this has not helped calm baby downtry using a pacifier or putting her hand to her mouth so she can suck on it.
  • Continue patting firmly. After up to twenty minutes of patting your baby should be pretty drowsy andcalm.
  • Often a white noise CD helps calm a baby down too.
  • Remember there is nothing wrong with settling your baby your way, whether it is rocking in your arms or putting your baby to sleep with a walk in the pram. Babies are so tiny and some need more help getting to sleep then others. You will not have to rock or pat forever, get your baby to sleep however it works for you, providing you do this safely.
Love To Swaddle UP is great to settle in as you can easily roll your baby gently on the mattress from side to side or settle on her side and the baby is perfectly comfortable. NB, never leave your baby to sleep on their side. If you want to take your baby for a walk in the pram/stroller you can keep her wrapped just put the buckle through the back seatbelt access point, unzip the bottom of the zip, pop buckle through and then do up the shoulder straps! Then put your baby in the pram without unwrapping at all! Please view the Sleep Safe page by for guidelines on how to properly use the Love To Swaddle UP This information is not medical or allied health professional advice. Further, no cure or treatment for disease is offered on this website. Love To Dream recommends you seek professional advice for your and your child's individual needs. Courtesy:

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