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Being an aspiring mom, often I involuntarily land-up surveying what the other new mums are up to or not! I wonder, if there is a way for me to not look like a truck has run me over! A way for me to eat my cake and have it too!

Most new mums confess to being sleep deprived, bloated (read fat), choking on free unwarranted advice, missing a meaningful work, social and se* life. Then hurriedly in the next breath, they mention, how the baby is the best thing that has ever-happened to them. Got to be kidding, right!

My arrogance makes me think, I will do better than these other mums. However, these women I mentioned earlier are some very smart individuals, so unless I make significantly different choices, my reality in reality, is unlikely to be any different!

My wish-list is rather simple – I would like to look beautiful (read glamourous) through pregnancy and beyond, I would like to get back into shape quickly, I would like to spend quality time with my husband, baby and myself, and finally I would like to have a flexible and lucrative career. All this to keep me sane and insanely happy! …Are you falling out of your chair with excitement or rolling your eyes in disbelief?

Given that as a new mum, time and control over one’s life evaporates, this blog and shopping portal is an endeavour to collate useful information for new mums, bring innovative products and their reviews a click away and become a forum for all the smart mums out there, to share creative ideas to make the above wish-list a reality for themselves and others.

Happy Sharing Budizens!

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