Are We Butterflies or Pupae?

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Recently, I began to question my theory so far, of being a work-in-progress at home, work and life in general. My conditioning of years made a YES resound unequivocally through my head. On pondering harder, I turned to life around me for clues. Humans are far more complicated, so I got myself thinking about nature. After some soul searching, I convinced myself that a butterfly with all its pretty colours and elegance emerges from an oddly-shaped pupa. Similarly, we also go through our respective journeys of transformation first at home, then school, then work and life all along.

However, through this weekend while dwelling on these rather convincing thoughts, I somehow felt the question remained unanswered! Are we really a W-I-P at this point in time???

Though it is right, I have led most of my life till this point viewing myself as a pupa (not literally ofcourse). That is, I have been working to be a better version of me. I am not denying the absolute need and merit in growth through academics, roles at home, cadres at work and life as a teacher. However, today and for all time beyond this point, I am rejecting my belief of being a pupa.

I hereby declare that I am a butterfly, (hold your breath!) surrounded by butterflies, all us constantly fluttering through the lows and highs of life! This day ahead has now taken on a completely different energy and happiness to savour and enjoy each moment.

Brings me to another pertinent question, what are the stereotypes with which we raise our children!

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