Honest Confessions Of A Young Mother

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Dear Fellow Young Mothers, no one will tell you the below. It is time for us to accept, embrace and thrive!!!

  1. Throw out all expectations of yourself, your baby, your parenting, and the cleanliness of your house. You do not have enough energy to waste on feeling inadequate because you breastfed your child for lesser months than the norm.
  2. You will not realize how sleep deprived you really are until your baby starts sleeping normally. This could last five years, so when you smash your rearview window or inexplicably fall asleep in the middle of a conversation, you have a legitimate reason.
  3. It can be terribly lonely caring for a newborn who just cries, eats and poops. Say it out loud.
  4. It is okay to want time away from your baby, and it is also perfectly normal if you can’t wait to get back and breathe in that “top of a baby’s head smell” again. You know -that delectable combination of baby shampoo and spit-up
  5. Buy yourself a new postpartum outfit before you lose all of your baby weight. It is worth the self-esteem boost to get out of your maternity clothes.
  6. Ask family to help or hire a babysitter and go out on dates, very often. It sounds cliche, but the ability to have a normal conversation with your spouse is priceless.
  7. Your hormones (and sleep deprivation) will send you over the edge - over and over. It is perfectly acceptable to stare blankly at the wall and cry for no reason.
  8. Don’t lose your friends in the swirling fog of new motherhood. Hang onto them for dear life, and grab some new ones that understand what you are going through.
  9. The baby will be out, but you will still weigh the same. Drag yourself ASAP to the gym or as disciplined a fitness routine (walking, swimming whatever you like) you can manage. It will NOT transform you overnight into what you used to be, but baby steps. 
  10. You will have days where you will doubt yourself, grab a big bar of chocolate or a nice glass of wine. You will instantly feel better. Remember, you can't do this everyday.

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  • Well written Gisele … absolutely right..

    Geetha on
  • all true, so true!!!

    Ruchs on

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