Is Rote Learning Completely Outdated?

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Sometime back I met a lady who was part of a positive affirmations group. This group got together regularly and simply put on paper their positive affirmation or determination and continued to fill a notebook with the same phrase again and again. Reminded me of the similar drill at school when a teacher made the naughty or devious one amongst us, write again and again till the pencil wore off “what he/she would be or what he/she would not do”. If this technique of drilling into our sub-conscious mind behaviour patterns is effective, then I wonder why as smart adults we have stopped to use it. We may apply it in raising our children, but rarely for ourselves. While we believe we can mould our children to be exemplary successful individuals, we doubt whether we can change our deeply-entrenched destructive thought and behaviour tendencies.

I for one am a worrier! My self-induced anxiety levels are so toxic these days, that at times I catch myself worrying about being worried. This vicious cycle I have created for myself makes me wonder how can I be a positive influence on my future offspring. A tiny voice within me tells me I can do anything I want. All I need to do is drill it SO deep down that it becomes true!

As for academics, I am convinced application oriented learning methods are any day better than good old exam-oriented rote.

Happy Drilling!

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