Precautions for Pregnant Women During Monsoons

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Monsoons without debate bring respite to pregnant women from the scorching heat, with summers being hotter for them than others due to varying hormone levels. However, monsoons are also a season which make pregnant women prone to ailments and diseases. Dr. Shashi Goyal of Bombay Hospital advises our pregnant women of some necessary precautions and preventions to avoid complications and more trips to the doctors.

  1. Risk of Malaria and Dengue - Water logging is a common problem in our cities during monsoons which increases the risk of mosquitoes causing Malaria and Dengue. While little can be done to prevent water-logging in the city, please avoid keeping indoor plants to minimise stagnant water in your immediate surroundings. Also, use mosquito net and repellants (every few hours). 
  2. Gastrointestinal Infections - Unfortunately, the favourite foods of pregnant women are not worth risking during the monsoon months. Avoid outside food especially spicy snacks like pani puri, juices, raw salad and uncooked food. Incase of an infection, a specialist should be consulted along with your gynaecologist. 
  3. Respiratory Infections - pregnant women are more prone to sore throat, cough and cold due to lowered immunity levels. It is important to have warm fluids, coconut water and immunity boosting healthy food and multi-vitamins. Stick to basics with warm water gargles and steam inhalation for sore throat will help in early recovery. Few vaccines that can be given to pregnant women are - (1) Vaxigrip Vaccine to prevent Flu and swine flu diseases, and (2) Pneumococcal Vaccine for prevention of Pneumonia.
  4. Water borne diseases like Typhoid are another risk - To prevent Typhoid  and Hepatitis one has to get vaccinated before planning pregnancy. Typhivac Injection  for Typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccine for Hepatitis. Drinking Boiled and Clean Water can prevent Water borne diseases. Hand Hygiene in kitchen and hygiene of food handlers has significant role in prevention.

Dr. Shashi Goyal is a consulting obstetrician and gynaecologist with Bombay Hospital since 1984. She dons many a hats also being a professor at Mumbai University and the mother of two. She also runs her private clinic in Santacruz (West) called Surya Mother n Child Care and Shraddha Nursing Home. She can be contacted at or 02226615738 | 02222067676 Ext.496 (Bombay Hospital) | +91-9820122479. You can also route your queries via

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