17 Grand Slam titles and “still improving”

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For all the ardent tennis fans and casual followers (like me!), the nail-biting defence by #Federer at the US Open Finals was awe-inspiring, even if you are a #Djokovic lover! I have always admired the hard work and grit with which #Djokovic plays, that seems to defy his deceptively frail frame. At 34 years, #Federer with 17 single grand slam titles, should be resting on all his past laurels! But, he is motivated to win and do more. In the award ceremony, #Federer spoke about how his game was moving in the right direction. To me his statement was food for thought!

US Open 2015 Final_Djokovic versus Federer_Is there a lesson for us

Are you and I, alien to this all-out fight? Are we putting each ounce of strength into our daily matches and battles? Are these players just gifted with more toughness than us, common mortals? Or is this something that we can consciously cultivate in our lives and that of our children?

Just like lots of disciplined training, sacrifices and support goes into making a tennis champion or any other athlete. There is a relentless struggle, all parents (without exception) face in caring and nurturing their little one each day. While there are no guarantees, hassle-free returns or all-win days, is this fighting spirit something that we can inculcate in them? Are we not their first and eternal champions after all!!!

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