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Precautions for Pregnant Women During Monsoons

Posted by Neha Agrawal at

Monsoons without debate bring respite to pregnant women from the scorching heat, with summers being hotter for them than others due to varying hormone levels. However, monsoons are also a season which make pregnant women prone to ailments and diseases. Dr. Shashi Goyal of Bombay Hospital advises our pregnant women of some necessary precautions and preventions to avoid complications and more trips to the doctors.

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Awareness About Pre-eclampsia

Posted by Gisele Castelino at

Elora de Bondi is possibly the smallest baby born alive in Australia. She weighed 319 grams when she was delivered in January.

Pre-eclampsia (a potentially life-threatening condition) only affects 5% of pregnant women. I discovered this by chance. Thankfully, my story had a happy-ending, but I hope my experience helps create much-required awareness.

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