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Colour Therapy for Kids

Posted by Neha Agrawal at

Colours are powerful tools and work like magic on moods, decor, creativity and imagination for one and all, that’s why it’s brilliant idea to add them as accents to your child’s room. We at Mumsbuddy understand that it’s not only tricky but also confusing and overwhelming to plan your child’s room. Experts believe that colour selection is a science and psychological studies first conducted by advertising firms suggest that color selection can influence mood and behaviour, stimulate the brain and body and even affect one’s health. We bring to you some interesting ways of adding colours to your child’s room. Add it through the wallpaper, clock, upholstery, rugs (we have some really interesting ones, see our entire collection here), wall art and more. Read more to see what the experts have to say on different Colours

Ideas for Kids room Decor



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