Aeroplane Wall Clock For Kids Room Decor -

Aeroplane Wall Clock, Light Blue


  • Rs. 2,160.00

Designed by Idea-Wise this wall clock creates a fun way to tell the time and also makes an attractive piece of wall art for any room.Arrange the pieces close together like in a puzzle or further apart as shown in the diagrams to create two different impressions for your walls. Directions: As an option if repositioning is required, each "Floater" piece can be stuck to any clean smooth surface using "Blue Tac" and a small nail. For permanen fixture use a permanent adhesive.

Made From

Wood And Duco Paint

Diameter (Inches)


Delivery Times

  • Delivery 2-3 Days


MBI1DEC001 - Aeroplane Wall Clock For Kids Room Decor

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