Beach Villa Playset, Boxset

QT Fun

  • Rs. 3,500.00

Compact, travel playset. They are portable and fun which enable parents to have a bit more rest and relaxation whilst on the move. They are perfect for play dates, to take to restaurants and even on aeroplanes to make any long journey less tedious. It’s great for encouraging pretend play and educating your child on real life as well as fantasy themes. This villa playset will transport your child straight to a relaxing beach vacation! Amidst the palm trees and the gentle surf, watch your child enjoy tranquil play!

Made From



  • Each Boxset includes:
  • 1 plywood box
  • 2 palm trees
  • 1 wind surfer
  • 2 sun lounges
  • 1 outdoor coffee table
  • 1 beach umbrella
  • 1 kitchen table

Delivery Times

  • Delivery 4-7 Days


MBQ1QTb08 - Beach Villa Playset, Boxset

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