Monroe Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

Bebe Au Lait

  • Rs. 3,050.00

Bebe Au Lait award-winning Nursing Covers allows mom to bond with baby while breastfeeding on-the-go. With the patented Rigiflex open neckline, mom can make sure that baby is properly latched, while a secure neck strap holds the nursing cover in place, providing privacy and helping mom to nurse with confidence. Inspired by hand-painted Spanish tiles, Monroe is a chic and polished pattern in navy, coral, and white.

Made From

100% cotton muslin

Dimensions (Inches)

36(Length) 26(Height)


  • Patented Rigiflex neckline for ventilation and eye contact, made of flexible material that maintains its bowed shape
  • Adjustable neck strap secures the nursing cover and ensures privacy
  • Two internal terry cloth pockets for clean-ups and storage
  • One size fits all - approx. 36 inches wide by 26 inches long
  • 100% cotton in signature Bebe au Lait patterns
  • Machine washable

Delivery Times

  • Delivery 2-3 Days


MBB13CBMRO - Bebe Au Lait Nursing Or Breast Feeding Cover, Monroe

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