Space Ship, Qpack Toy Set -

Space Ship, Qpack

QT Fun

  • Rs. 2,680.00

All products are designed to be in cute size and complete flat pack. All pieces join using a simple and unique connection system. They can be played with separately or combined with the boxset range to get more fun. Stackable, Interchangeable, Imaginative. Blast off into outer space or plan your own moon landing. Delivered flat packed your little astronaut first builds and constructs his space ship and and then gets to play with it and explore the galaxies of his imagination.

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  • Each Boxset includes:
  • 1 Astronaut
  • 1 Space shuttle
  • 1 Robot
  • 3 Rectangular poles
  • 1 Rocket nose cone
  • 3 Rocket platforms
  • 3 Rocket frames
  • 3 Rocket fins
  • 2 Cylinder poles
  • 6 Plastic connectors
  • 1 Connector driver

Delivery Times

  • Delivery 4-7 Days


MBQ1QTq03 - Space Ship, Qpack Toy Set

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